Keyshia Cole’s Mother Frankie Dies of Drug Overdose on Birthday

Keyshia Cole’s mother Frankie died of drug overdose during birthday party celebration

Keyshia and her mother

On her 61st birthday last Sunday Frankie died of a heroin overdose at a party at her Oakland home, claimed TMZ.

During the celebration, she apparently used drugs, despite a decade-long fight for sobriety. she took narcotics.

Keyshia’s brother Sam said he had checked his mother in an attempt to assist her stay clean repeatedly at the exit.

Her battle with addiction was documented on several television programs including the series Keyshia Cole My New Life.

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Keyshia and her mother

Keysha and her mother

Sam also shared that he "wants the world to remember Frankie as someone who loved her kids and who wanted her children to be together," despite their difficult past.

At a very young age, Keyshia's parents, Frankie and Virgil Hunter gave her up for adoption, but her family was nurtured.

However, she reconnected with her mom after making it great in the music industry, and throughout the years they mended their relationship.

In the BET programmes of Keyshia, Frankie starred and experienced emotional moments while rehabilitating the dynamics of their mother-daughter.

In her addiction struggle, the R&B songwriter watched her mother closely to ensure that she was rehabilitated and encouraged her to follow a healthy course.

She even shared Frankie's photographs when she applauded her accomplishments in soberness at an establishment.

The struggling addict came to an enormous 60-day clean milestone in March 2020.

Outside of her mom Keyshia was pleased of sharing the joyful news on social media.

The singer has yet to speak on the loss of her mother, however she had devastating comments written by her sister Elite Noel and other family members in Frankie's honour.

"Ever bad ache. Seeing my mother in her birthday's body bag! My heart crushed so badly, "She wrote. She wrote.

A message was also posted by one of TV star's grandkids, reading: "Blessed birthday lovely and rest in the sky."

"The call I just got for your birthday is D*** grandmother Frankie. I was just coming Finna this week to visit you. I simply chatted with you this lovely birthday and relax in the sky, "The social media was gushing by her niece Zayy Henderson.

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