The Bachelorette: Men Tell All Revelations Recap | Season 17 Episode 9

A new drama is in the works! The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All aired on Monday, July 26, and included a reunion between Katie Thurston and her ex-boyfriends. She had to say another tough farewell before she could go.

Her final four, Greg, Blake Moynes, Justin, and Michael A., were preparing to meet her in their hometowns when Katie reflected on her connections. By not informing any of the guys she was in love with, she hoped to save her sentiments for her future fiancé’s sake.

Michael battled with being away from his son, James, for such a long time. Because of his son’s early age, he opted not to present his only kid to Katie on their hometown date. Instead, the two stayed in touch via FaceTime.

They planned to go on vacation together after Michael returned home from his work trip, which was scheduled before hometowns. Because his kid would not comprehend, he realized he could not explain what he was doing to him, but hoped the result would be worth it. Nevertheless, James’s father was alarmed when he informed him, “I know what’s wrong. It’s possible that my father left because he didn’t want to see me.

Until he hung up the phone, Michael maintained his calm. Because Michael felt bad about abandoning his son, he went to Katie’s hotel room to talk to her. Her son needed his father and Michael couldn’t focus on anything else.

When Katie told Michael that she envisioned them making it to the conclusion of the season together, he was taken aback and tearful. As much as she wanted him to remain, she respected his decision. It was her who taught him how to love again, and they parted with a kiss on the cheek before he left.

Micheal and Katie have a relationship that hasn’t been fully explored, and Katie wants a life with him. Through sobs, she replied, “It’s quite probable that my person just departed.”

With cohosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe, the show evolved into The Men Tell All.

“Men Tell All”: Read All The Revelations Bellow

1. Aaron and Cody

Despite their best efforts, Aaron and Cody were unable to resolve their differences. before season 17 began filming, Aaron said Cody was rude to individuals he knew outside of the show and boasted about being “renowned in six months.” Despite his best efforts, Cody was unable to convince anyone of his innocence.

As the show progressed, Aaron informed Katie that he had attempted to help her deal with all of the turmoil during the season, and that he wanted to make it easier for her to find love. In the midst of thanking him for his efforts, she unintentionally referred to him as Thomas, which everyone found amusing.

2. Karl and Thomas

Karl and Thomas

After Karl’s leave, Thomas became a source of friction after Karl’s comments about “many” guys on the programme for the wrong reasons. Thomas grew wary of Karl since he had “poor chemistry” with him. The other guys, on the other hand, didn’t seem to get it.

He accused him of going on the show to receive a free trip from Canada to the United States and free beer. Brendan and Karl got into a heated argument, with Brendan accusing Karl of lying.

Finally, Karl acknowledged to Katie that his fears had been misplaced. In her response, Katie acknowledged that Karl was right about Thomas, but admitted that, in sending him home, she cared more about the group of guys than Thomas himself. Karl appreciated her decision, despite her candor.

Hunter and Katie

“I’m becoming in love with her,” Hunter said at one point, but he said, “that’s not the same thing as being in love with her.” Connor B., Hunter’s roommate for the season, stepped in to defend him, saying that Hunter was in love with Katie at the time of the argument.

Connor B.

If you want to find out what your ex-girlfriends think about your kissing abilities, you may reach out to them on Facebook or Twitter. According to him, one of his ex-girlfriends told him he was an excellent kisser. She even kissed him on the cheek, giving him an 11 out of 10. After handing her a rose from a floral arrangement on the set, he revealed that he had been eyeing her out earlier in the filming and asked for her number.

Michael A. and Katie

If Katie was interested in resuming their relationship, Michael said he would be “100 percent” on board. In addition, he felt that they left a lot to be desired out of the conversation.

Katie shut him down, stating that she did not linger on the past and had to move on after he left, despite his hopes for their future. All the pieces of her journey seemed to have fallen into place as they were intended to, and she believed that everything had happened for a reason.

What-ifs were on Katie’s mind, but she was satisfied with the outcome.

Andrew S.

The Men Tell All revealed that Andrew came close to falling in love with Katie after he was eliminated, but he insists he has no regrets about their connection. It was a pleasure to meet Katie, who told him she was looking forward to what he would do next.


So he video chatted with Katie instead of being present at the recording. As a result of his actions, her quest to find love was tainted with uncertainty. He also didn’t like that he diverted attention away from her and her other suitors. In an effort to understand Katie’s abrupt change of heart, Thomas apologized and begged her to explain why her view of him had changed so dramatically.

As they discussed his drama in the home, Katie stated he didn’t seem sincere to her and she had to do what was best for her. If she caused him any grief during their split, she apologized.

The Bachelorette broadcasts on ABC, Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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