Why Indian Jones is Suddenly Trending on Twitter?

Indiana Jones Fans Are Getting Nostalgic After Watching Jungle Cruise.

Indiana Jones is suddenly trending on Twitter since 30 July morning. Disney’s latest release ‘Jungle Cruise’ reminds viewers of Indiana Jones movies.

Indiana Jones

You may want to know what awaits you on a Jungle Cruise this weekend. Jul. 30 marks the release date for Disney’s live-action rendition of its Jungle Cruise theme park attraction, which will be available on Disney+ Premiere. In a new 4-minute film, the studio offers us our best look yet at what you can anticipate from Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt when they board a riverboat with you.

Jungle Cruise has received mixed-to-positive reviews; our own review termed it a “good adventure that owes a lot to earlier films.”

Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn’s 1951 masterpiece The African Queen also served as a key source of inspiration for the journey and the movie. The footage below, though, makes me think of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Disney appears to have been plundering cinematic history while creating scenes for its upcoming blockbuster.

Even though the Great Movie Ride and its Well of Souls sequence are no longer in existence, Raiders of the Lost Ark is still alive and well at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida. Temporarily unavailable owing to the coronavirus epidemic is the live concert, which opens with a temple and boulder scenario straight out of Raiders of the Lost Ark. A portion of the footage in the clip above is familiar to anyone who have seen the film (or Raiders, one of the finest movies ever made).

A market kidnaps Emily Blunt’s character Lily, much like Karen Allen’s Marion Ravenwood in Raiders. Instead of a basket, she’s trapped in a birdcage with a tarp covering it. Fortunately, she’s clever, and she battles her way free before scaling the skyscraper as the performers in Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular did..

There are also a few monkeys that chirp, but luckily none of them eat poison dates and die. We get to witness Blunt smack Johnson in the face thanks to the music composed by James Newton Howard. This isn’t the first time she’s stated that she can bench press more than he can.

Jungle Cruise Plot* (Spoiler Alert)

With wisecracking captain Frank Wolff and adventurous researcher Dr. Lily Houghton, Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” is an adventure-filled, rollicking thrill voyage down the Amazon. “La Quila” is Frank’s lovely but rickety boat, and Lily, a Londoner, hires him to navigate her down the Amazon River. In order to influence the future of medicine, Lily is determined to find an ancient tree with unmatched healing properties.

As they embark on their epic adventure, the unusual team confronts countless perils and mystical powers, all of which lie in the lush rainforest’s deceiving beauty. As the mysteries of the lost tree are revealed, the stakes for Lily and Frank are raised, and their fate—and the fate of mankind—hangs in the balance as a result.

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