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Love Island viewers couldn’t handle Hugo’s reaction to Toby Aromolaran’s loyalty question

Hugo Hammond’s expression when Laura Whitmore questioned Abi Rawlings if she felt Toby Aromolaran was loyal was too much for Love Island viewers to bear.

Toby Love Island

Time has arrived to act. For the first time since Casa Amor, we’re reuniting. It’s time for the original 12 to make their selections after the males were sent to a different villa for three days and six new lads joined the girls.

Last night, Chloe Burrows and Hugo Hammond chose to recouple. Amy Day was Hugo’s choice, while Chloe went with Dale Mehmet, who is 24 years old.

Abi and Toby took their seats once the new pairings had taken their seats. Laura Whitmore questioned Abi if Toby was a loyal person at the recoupling. As a result of her personal experience with him, Abi said, “I can’t really blame him, but I’d like to think he’s learned from some of his prior errors.”

Massive amounts of effort were being exerted by Hugo to maintain a straight expression throughout. As well as knowing what Toby had done at Casa Amor (which was to pair up with Mary Bedford), Chloe is likely to be referring to that speech.

Someone commented, “You knew Toby was coming back with a female since Hugo’s face screamed it all every time the camera moved to him.” Hugo’s expression when asked if Toby was faithful, LOL #LoveIsland, remarked another.

Hugo’s look when Laura questioned Abi if Toby was faithful.

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