Why is #BrentEvictionParty Trending on Twitter? Find Out

Big Brother 23: Brent Champagne Evicted From BB23 on 29 July Episode* | Viewers Are Cheering His Eviction on Twitter With #BrentEvictionParty


Brent Champagne is presently up for grabs and has a good chance of being sent out on Thursday night. His possible blindside has an ironic twist.

They were evicted from the house in the third week of Big Brother 23 after Xavier Prather won the challenge for Head of Household. No one anticipated to see Brent or Britini’s faces on the memory wall during the nomination ceremony. The first surprise of the summer will come if Brent is expelled on Thursday. There will also be a certain amount of irony in the potential blindside.

So far this summer, neither Brent nor Britini have been popular with Big Brother viewers. Britini has a reputation for taking the game too seriously at times. Brent, on the other side, is despised because of his arrogance and ego. Brent’s perception is shared by many of the houseguests, which is why he is currently on the block.

Brent is this week’s target, according to the houseguests, based on talks seen on the live feeds and the last episode of the show. Brent has no idea that he could be evicted on Thursday night if the entire house votes to do so. It’s amusing that if the house follows through with this plan, it will be the first surprise of the summer. As part of his bio for the show, CBS asked Brent about his best Big Brother memory.

Brent first stated that he does not have a favorite moment in his life. The show is, nonetheless, a “guilty pleasure” for him. Houseguests who are “rightfully backdoored” are Brent’s favorite to see.

Brent will be caught off guard if he is evicted on Thursday. Although it’s ironic, his “guilty pleasure” might soon become a reality when veteran anchor Julie Chen Moonves delivers the results of the live poll. In fact, many people believe that Brent deserves to be ousted from the house. Brent was also accused of improperly grabbing Hannah Chaddha during the first week of the season, in addition to his ego. He’s been on the outs ever since, especially before jury.

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Brent had no idea he will most likely be the third houseguest booted this season, according to what viewers have seen on the live feeds. He believes he will have enough votes to stay inside the home for another week, even if it will not be a unanimous decision. Perhaps after becoming a victim of his “guilty pleasure,” Brent will have a new favorite scene from the show.

Big Brother 23 Fans are being creative on Twitter with #BrentEvictionParty. Check out some of viewers’ tweets.

This season is feeding us well if we’re having 2 eviction parties in a row this early #BrentEvictionParty #BB23
Hannah is finally free #BrentEvictionParty
#BrentEvictionParty WE HEREEEE #BBB23
Hannah once the door shuts behind Brent: #BrentEvictionParty #bb23
Me showing up to the #BrentEvictionParty: #BB23
the creep is finally out #bb23 #BrentEvictionParty
It’s time to see what has been going down in the house since the Veto ceremony. Eyes #BB23
Julie is so ready for the #BrentEvictionParty!!!! Partying facePartying facePartying face Love her Smiling face with 3 hearts #BB23

Last one!

happy 1 hour until #BrentEvictionParty Confetti ballBottle with popping corkParty popper how are we feeling!!!

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