Why is Snapchat is Crashing For Thousands of Users Today (29 July, 2021)

#Snapchat is Trending on Twitter as The App is Crashing For Thousands of People on July 29

Snapchat down

As of Thursday evening, more than 125,000 Snapchat users have reported issues on Downdetector.com. Upon opening the app on my iPhone 12 Mini, it now crashes every time. It’s also not working for two other Verge employees.

The incident was confirmed by Snap in a tweet at 6:51PM ET. According to Snapchat’s support account, “We’re aware of an issue that prevents certain Snapchat users from signing in”. It is being investigated and a remedy is being sought.

An iOS Snapchat app issue that caused the app to crash at launch was discovered in June. Later, a software update was provided to correct the fault.

Until Snapchat is broken, I strongly recommend following the memes people are sharing on Twitter.

Snapchat Users’ Reaction:

Twitter while Snapchat and Facebook fight over who’s worse
Me seeing notifications pop up from snap from my friends wondering how their Snapchat is working?? #snapchatdown
POV: your friends Snapchat is now working but yours still wont work #snapchatdown #snapchat
tech team in snapchat trying to figure out how to explain this unforgivable sin they committed #snapchatdown
Since Snapchat is down meet my best friend Two hearts
How the Duolingo owl looking while Snapchat is still down #snapchat #snapchatdown
me and my friends at snapchat hq if the app doesn’t come back online soon #snapchatdown

Is your Snapchat working?

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