WWE 2021 Money in the bank results: John Cena WWE Comeback

John Morrison • WWE • Money in the Bank ladder match

After a sluggish start to the Money in the Bank pay-per-view at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas, a trio of excellent matches and the return of the era’s biggest superstar produced a tremendous finish to the event. Following a tough battle between Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Edge, John Cena returned to WWE, ostensibly indicating that he was ready for a crack at the SummerSlam championship.

That show-closing sequence, coupled with a fantastic Raw women’s championship fight and a nail-biter in the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match, will be the enduring recollections of WWE’s first big show after more than a year in the ThunderDome.

The parade to SummerSlam is now underway, with John Cena leading the way. Various Sports reporters were there for you the entire time, giving updates and highlights as the action unfolded. Continue reading for all of the night’s results, grades, and highlights. SmackDown Tag Team Championship – The Mysterios (c) versus The Usos: The Usos dominated the early piece of the match, alternating taking the battle to both Rey and Dominik Mysterio. Dominik got a hot tag to take over on Jimmy Uso, hitting a springboard moonsault for a two check. The momentum was fleeting, with The Usos catching Dominik coming off the top rope with a crossbody prior to swinging him into the ringside blockade. Rey got the following hot tag and went on a short run with Dominik out of the activity.

The Usos at last retaliated distinctly to have Dominik get back in the activity to separate a twofold superkick from the Usos. Rey endure a top rope sprinkle from Rey before Jey scored the pin with a roll-up as Jimmy put his feet Jey has returned to assist with securing the pin. This was strong enough label activity and WWE has improved at putting together great opening shot matches. The match actually might have utilized another five minutes to truly convey what it was able to do. The Usos def.

The Mysterios (c) to win the titles. Grade: B Women’s Money in the Bank – Asuka versus Naomi versus Alexa Bliss versus Nikki Cross versus Liv Morgan versus Zelina Vega versus Natalya versus Tamina: There was a standard quick beginning for a Money in the Bank match, with everybody getting in a whirlwind of moves and furthermore included Bliss trying to utilize her “powers” to bring the portfolio to tumble to her.. Tamina was the main woman to assume responsibility for the match prior to slingshotting Alexa Bliss into a stepping stool that had been suspended in the corner. Morgan attempted to run up a stepping stool to get the portfolio as Tamina was carrying it. Asuka finally finished Tamina’s initial dominance for certain substantial strikes before things broke into even more a totally open period.

Joy’s enchantment finally became possibly the most important factor when she ascended the stepping stool simultaneously as Vega prior to forcing Vega to move down. A whirlwind of knocks on the stepping stools and some finish prods followed, with each woman having a moment where they almost dominated the game. Tamina and Natalya turned their consideration toward Bliss before the remainder of the members joined in, burying Bliss under stepping stools at ringside. A threesome of stepping stools was set up in the focal point of the ring, resulting in Asuka, Tamina, Morgan, Naomi, Vega and Natalya to fight over the satchel just to see Cross – who is currently being charged as Nikki A.S.H. in her new “very nearly a hero” trick – move over everybody to snatch the satchel and the triumph.

An unforeseen winner here, however there could be some enjoyable to be had with Nikki A.S.H. as Ms. Money in the Bank and it’s difficult to contend that she doesn’t merit the chance. The match wasn’t on the high finish of Money in the Bank matches, however it conveyed sufficient amusing to be watchable, regardless of whether disappointing. Nikki A.S.H. won Money in the Bank. Grade: C+ Raw Tag Team Championship – AJ Styles and Omos (c) versus The Viking Raiders: Omos was in the ring momentarily in the early going before the normal tag out to Styles to convey the cooperation. Styles bobbed around the ring for the force offense of the Raiders prior to clearing the ring and tagging in Omos, who tossed Styles from the ring into a huricanrana on Erik outwardly of the ring. The Raiders would ultimately take over on Styles by and by before another tag to Omos to regain control of the activity.

The match feel directly back to a similar example, with Omos dominating just to label Styles in to again get dominated by the challengers before Omos would get labeled back in once more. Omos threw Ivar with a huge press hammer in one of the greater impressive performances in the match yet was in the end taken out of the ring after Styles labeled back in. Styles took the Viking Experience, yet Omos broke the pin by shoving Erik onto Ivar as he was pinning Styles. Omos labeled back in and hit the chokebomb for the triumph. Styles continues to be the workhorse for the group, true to form with somebody as restricted as Omos, however it’s an equation that continues to work for the group. Not exactly fair and square of the SmackDown label championship prior in the night yet at the same time great label wrestling. AJ Styles and Omos (c) def. The Viking Raiders to retain the titles. Grade: B- WWE Championship – Bobby Lashley (c) versus Kofi Kingston: Kingston charged hard from the opening chime yet a started up Lashley immediately overwhelmed him prior to dropping Kingston with a colossal rope.

Lashley continued to dominate the early time of the match, tossing Kingston around the ring prior to throwing him over the top rope and to ringside with a press hammer. Kingston attempted to get anything rolling as Lashley continued to dominate prior to locking Kingston in the Hurt Lock. Rather than finish the match, Lashley whipped Kingston around to hit a fallaway pummel. Lashley circled back to a flatliner and a triplet of dominators as the official attempted to ask him to end things. Lashley secured Kingston in the Hurt Lock again, putting Kingston to rest and ending the match. Complete dominance, which bodes well given the booking from the finish of Raw, however it feels awful Kingston must be on the finish of an all-encompassing squash in a championship, calling back recollections of his squash misfortune to Brock Lesnar to end his rule as WWE champion. In any case, the booking appeared well and good and restored Lashley as a genuine power.

Bobby Lashley (c) def. Kofi Kingston to retain the title. Grade: B Raw Women’s Championship – Rhea Ripley (c) versus Charlotte Flair: Flair gave the fans a center finger toward the beginning of the match, establishing herself as the heel in this to some degree confusing competition. Energy then began hot, knocking Ripley from the ring cover prior to hitting a t-bone suplex into the turnbuckle when the activity got back to the ring. Ripley returned by going after Flair’s injured knee and dumping her preposterous rope. Ripley attempted to follow up a major German suplex with a dropkick however instead ended up in a Boston crab as he activity continued to swing to and fro with immense moves, including Flair’s top-rope moonsault to the outside and Ripley locking in her altered Texas cloverleaf.

Pizazz switched Riptide into a DDT for a close to fall as the group started buying into the match amazingly. Style hit Natural Selection from the top rope for an extremely convincing close to fall, drawing a colossal response from the group. Ripley missed a race into the corner and Flair took her to the outside, sandwiching Ripley’s leg between the post and the ring ventures prior to kicking over and again kicking the means. With Ripley’s leg relaxed, Flair secured in the Figure-Eight to drive the tap and regain the championship.

This was an outstanding match that defeated early serenades of “We need Becky” to draw “This is great” drones as the group completely purchased in. Charlotte Flair def. Rhea Ripley (c) to win the title. Grade: A- Men’s Money in the Bank – Ricochet versus John Morrison versus Enigma versus Drew McIntyre versus Enormous E versus Kevin Owens versus Shinsuke Nakamura versus Seth Rollins: A full scale brawl got things moving at the leap before Rollins and Morrison squabbled about who genuinely had “trickle.” Ricochet and Riddle both came flying in on Rollins and Morrison, at last thinning things to Big E and McIntyre in the ring. Morrison had a major feature early moment, coming off the stepping stool with a twisting body block.

Morrison and Rollins at last started working together to take out other contenders, additionally setting up a stepping stool suspended between the ring cover and the commentary table. Morrison additionally helped Rollins hit a bird of prey bolt onto a stepping stool on many more than one Owens hit a springboard moonsault on the two men. At last, Rollins turned on Morrison, true to form, striking him with a stepping stool. It was then McIntyre’s chance to dominate, slamming Ricochet into a stepping stool with a converse spinebuster and hitting a slipping plunge over the top rope onto the remainder of the field. McIntyre was removed from the match when Jinder Mahal, Veer and Shanky ran in and assaulted prior to dragging McIntyre to the back.

Ricochet had perhaps the most notable moments of the match when he jumped from a stepping stool as Riddle was tipping it over, hitting the top rope and flipping onto a gathering outwardly. Not long after was another huge knock as Rollins powerbombed Owens from the ring and through the stepping stool that was suspended on the commentary table prior in the match. As Rollins appeared to be prepared to snatch the folder case, Big E got him and hit the Big Ending off the stepping stool. Large E then ascended the stepping stool and snatched the satchel to win the match. Indisputably the right require a winner and an incredible moment in an extremely entertaining Money in the Bank match. Enormous E won Money in the Bank. Grade: A- General Championship – Roman Reigns (c) versus Edge: The match began with a couple of collar and elbow ties, first with Roman shoving Edge to the corner and shoving his face and afterward with Edge returning the blessing.

After more gamesmanship, Reigns drove Edge from the ring with a major shoulder block. Rules attempted to circle back to strikes, however Edge countered and began working on the arm, driving Reigns into the ring post twice, softening him up for the crossface. Edge’s assault was finally removed when Reigns hit a Samoan drop outside the ring. Rules threw Edge around ringside, smashing him into the ring steps on numerous occasions with a deliberate speed. Reigns secured Edge an all-encompassing chinlock, screaming that he could stand firm on Edge in that foothold the entire evening in the event that he decided to. Edge countered a Superman punch into a lose the faith for a close to fall, giving his first look at trust since the opening of the match. After an Edgecution, Edge again almost scored the win, finally building momentum against the champ.

Edge secured in the crossface however Reigns had the option to escape by grabbing the base rope. Reigns then countered a lance endeavor by locking in a guillotine gag. After the activity spilled back external the ring, Reigns missed a lance, driving himself through the blockade. Edge halted the ref’s 10 tally and left the ring to skewer Reigns during a time blockade. Rules hit a superman punch that likewise took out the official when Edge collided with his knee. With the ref down, Reigns carried out of the ring and severed the last a steel seat, saying he’d show Edge something new, trying to secure in the helped crossface. Edge switched with a progression of headbutts prior to locking in the crossface with the metal shaft. The Usos attempted to make the save yet they were taken out by The Mysterios. Still with no official in the match, Seth Rollins ran in and superkicked Edge prior to walking off. Rules went for a lance, however Edge hit one of his own.

Another arbitrator needed to race to the ring, giving Reigns sufficient opportunity to kick out. Rollins then got back to the ring, drawing Edge to kick him from the ring cover and allowing Reigns to hit a lance to retain his title. After the match, Rollins hopped in the ring to continue attacking Edge before the two brawled to the back. A sluggish form prompted an extremely hot finish, overbooked yet in the most ideal way, with interference, ref knocks and the “I’d have won if the ref were still here” gibberish that makes wrestling work. Roman Reigns (c) def.

Edge to retain the title. Grade: A John Cena made his re-visitation of WWE, showing up after Reigns took the receiver and said, “Presently the entire world can recognize me.” Cena’s music hit and he made the sprint to the ring and running the ropes. Cena never let out the slightest peep, instead moving toward Reigns prior to delivering the “You can’t see me” hand signal as the show went behind closed doors.

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