Zach Braff Portrays Himself to SNL as Potential Georgia Senate Candidate Jon Ossoff of Democratic Party

Zach Braff Portrays Himself as Jon Ossoff on Saturday Night Live: Admirers were swift to recommend a total ‘Scrubs’ meeting by proposing the pivotal Georgia runoff elections by Donald Faison, Reverend Raphael Warnock if/when SNL takes place.

SNL Zach Braff as Jon Ossoff

The Democrats felt instantly optimistic about the odds, including those in Hollywood, when the crucial Georgia runoff election was held to decide the party that controlles the Senate.

“Scrubs” star Zach Braff, in the mean time, looked forward to seeing if “Saturday Night Live” by tossing his hat into the ring for one, could discuss the potential arrival of these two new Democrats in the Senate.

In his tweet, which showed only a Democratic nominee Jon Ossoff‘s GIF, the venerable sketch comedy series, he tweeted, “Lorne. I got this”.

Fans and fellow actors were fond of this, with the star Iain Armitage “Young Sheldon” reacting rapidly with many reasons. But the fans who were inspired to pitch Braff’s “Scrubs” co-star Donald Faison as Rev. Raphael Warnock were also given bonus points.

However, not everyone was on board with a fan who remembered Braff hilariously that Ossoff is a dozen years younger than him. The response of Braff was only to shock him.

After all, for years, “SNL” actors represented characters older than themselves (including Alec Baldwin and Jim Carrey, respectively, as Trump and Biden).

Still, other ideas have been put forward, including J.B. Smoove for Warnock’s, “Curb Your Enthusiasm’s” and we would agree that these two are remarkably close.

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As for Ossoff itself, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Topher Grace were other prominent names tossed around in Braff’s remarks. Both are probably older and decent options.

You will see some of Braff’s fan responses, as “SNL” viewers will expect the return of the show later in this month.

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