Hilary Jones Dismissed Summer Holiday: Says ‘Barking Up The Wrong Tree’ in a TV Show With Host Lorraine Kelly

Hilary Jones has indicated that people, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, should lower their hopes of being able to go for a vacation on this summer holiday.

Dr Hillary Jones
Hilary Jones at Lorraine Kelly’s Show

While there has been a lot of positive news about the roll-out of the vaccine, such as arrangements for 24 hour jabs in London hospitals, the television doctor found out that before at least the summer, overseas travel could be a no-go. On booking the all-inclusive trip to Mykonos, it could be better to keep fire.

Hilary said, joining Lorraine Kelly on the program today:’ The vaccine process is going to take some time. We may have several new varieties, we may have to tweak the vaccine.

‘I think people are barking up the wrong tree dreaming about holidays this summer, I truly do.’

Dr. Hilary Jones went on to explain his rationale: “Not just because the situation here is not going to get better, but because of where we are going to be lagging behind us with vaccines and people are going to be worried about going anywhere and being stuck there.

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‘Just to be realistic, I guess, don’t set your expectations too high. Be optimistic, positively set your expectations for the future, but probably for autumn or September.’

However, when Dr. Hilary estimates that the modest staycation would get the all-clear, there is a silver lining. Since the coronavirus pandemic started, the alert comes during the UK’s third national lockdown.

New travel laws have been put into effect since Monday morning, making it much harder to jet off. This is only allowed for anyone travelling for “essential” reasons.

All travel corridors have been halted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, ensuring arrivals in the UK must be quarantined for a 10-day duration regardless of where they are travelling from.

A negative coronavirus test that satisfies the “specificity rules” must also be given.

Noel Josephides, director of the specialist travel organization AITO, is optimistic that holidaymakers will be able to book an escape in late spring, amid Hilary’s words of warning.

‘I think travel and holidays will start in May, both long and short-haul,’ he predicts.

Sky News was recently told by the Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps: “What we are asking for instead is sensitivity and what is called specificity – in other words, up to a certain standard.”

“These can be PCR or lateral flow tests or LAMP tests, the point is that enough of those around now are enough to make this a viable approach to having one additional check.”

The new testing rules on its travel advisory pages are further clarified by the International, Commonwealth and Growth Office.

“It states: “If you decide to fly to England, Scotland, or Wales from 4 a.m. on January 18, even UK citizens returning home from overseas travel, you must have proof of a negative COVID-19 test result taken up to three days before departure.

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