BLACKPINK’s Jennie Launched Her Own YouTube Channel With Adorable Cover Video On Her Birthday

BLACKPINK’s Jennie has launched her YouTube channel on her 25th birthday!

BLACKPINK's Jennie has launched her YouTube channel on her 25th birthday!

A brand new YouTube channel called Jennierubyjane Official drew the interest of netizens on January 16. BLACKPINK’s Jennie shocked fans in the very first and only video shared on this site by acknowledging her plan to open up the channel to share their lifestyle, as well as other enjoyable contents!

Finally, Jennie also shared in particular her 25th birthday with Mandy Moore from the movie “Tangled” on the song “When Will My Life Begin.” See it above, and make sure to sign up for the very own YouTube channel of Jennie!

The Cover Video is Titles “#HelloWorld#FromJennie Hello world . From Jennie” with the description “Original Music by Mandy Moore – When Will My Life Begin? Cover by Jennie #HelloWorld #FromJennie #20210116″. The video has got 97K views as of now(16th Jan). The Channel currently has 263K subscribers and counting.

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Jennie Hits 600 Million Views on YouTube. Becomes First Female K-POP Artist to Achieve That.

Jennie from blackpink

Before creating her own YouTube channel, Jennie just achieved the highest number of views on her music video as the first female K-POP artist till now. The music video for the single crossed 600 million views at about 5.20am on Friday (Jan 15), according to her agency YG Entertainment – about two years after Solo’s release in November 2018.

Korean-American rapper and songwriter Teddy Park composed and co-produced the tune, about finding freedom after a break-up.

In October, Blackpink, who dropped their new release, The Album, also included Jisoo, 26, Lisa and Rose, both 23. They are set to make their solo debuts as well.

YG revealed in December that this year Lisa and Rose will have their solo debuts, though Jisoo’s debut album will be pushed back due to her recording obligations for the forthcoming Snowdrop television series.

The quartet will perform their first live-streaming concert, initially planned to take place on January 31, at the end of December.

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