Taylor Swift: Decoding Cryptic ‘Red Taylor’s Version’ Teaser. Why #Swifties Trending on Twitter

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Tailor Swift Red Version

Taylor Swift has thrown her fans into a frenzy with her latest music video. Earlier this week, Taylor Swift teased the release of her next album Red (Taylor’s Version).

To tease her fans, Jennifer Lopez posted a cryptic message to social media on Thursday, teasing the highly awaited album’s tracks.

‘From The Vault’ will also be featured on the re-recording of Red, and fans can’t wait to find out which tracks will be included.

“*presses post*
*cackles maniacally*
Level: casually cruel in the name of being honest,” the singer wrote on Twitter along with the video which features a number word-puzzle which appears to be the song titles for fans to decode.

More than 100,000 likes were received within minutes of the post becoming viral. Someone tweeted, “We need clever swifties soon!” Another user responded, “Luckily, I don’t have any plans for today.”

Taylor’s version of Red is scheduled for release on November 19 of this year, according to the company’s website.

Taylor Swift works harder than the devil, as the old adage goes. Folklore and evermore, her huge double release from 2020, hasn’t let her breathe. Since then, she’s re-released Fearless as Taylor’s Version, and she’s teased a lot about her upcoming re-release of Red.

This morning, fans were treated to a new teaser video in the form of a mysterious tweet. Check it out below.

This Easter egg is captioned with some of Red’s most heartbreaking lyrics from one of her finest songs. She captioned the video, “Level: casually harsh in the name of being honest.” Taylor’s voice may be heard buried in the mix of the dark clip, but no lyrics can be discerned.

From another vault, the post displays letters that are likely to be about collaborators or new tracks on the updated edition of Red. Waiting for the geniuses among us to crack the code is a necessary step.

These “greatest four years” are recalled by the song’s lines, which also include the unimaginable: “Flowers pile up in the worst manner; no one knows what to say/ About a lovely kid who died.” Ronan, who was born in May 2007 and died in May 2011 from neuroblastoma, was only a few months shy of turning four.

Taylor Swift sang the song (understandably emotional) during the 2012 Stand Up to Cancer telethon, with Ronan’s lovely face shown behind her on stage.

Red will feature 30 tracks, as Swift previously stated. Swift just texted Maya Thompson to inquire how she felt about their song being included.

“I’ve just finished re-recording my fourth album, Red,” Swift said in her letter, according to Thompson’s blog. Ronan was one of the things I felt would be good to include on this album because it exceeded my expectations in so many ways.

“Red” was an album about sorrow, healing, wrath and rawness, tragedy, pain, and losing an imagined future with someone. While I was working on Red, I wrote to Ronan and learned about your experience from the way you so openly and honestly shared it. You’ll likely agree with me that this song belongs on the CD.

Her permission to add Ronan to Red (Taylor’s Version) was granted, Thompson writes, “of course.”

“Through my emotions, I did my best to express how much this meant to me, but there are simply not enough words in the English language to adequately express my sentiments.

This is the second time Taylor has secured your safety by providing you with a new, permanent home, “To her late son, she wrote. “Bereaved parents will once again be given a voice by her. As of November 19th, ‘Red (Taylor’s version)’ will be available.”

Swift was thanked in the final paragraph of her blog post: “Ronan is in good hands. Please accept our sincere thanks for never forgetting him.

Thank you for violating the rules and letting yourself be free of restrictions. Thank you for having a pure gold heart. The fact that Ronan would rather be with you than anybody else in the world inspires me in so many ways.”

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