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‘The Suicide Squad’ Star Daniela Melchior is getting lot of applause for her role in the new movie The Suicide Squad 2021. Her character Rat Catcher is being appreciated by fans.

In her pre-audition meeting, the Portuguese actress almost lost the job of Ratcatcher II because she went for glamour, but a chemistry test with a real rat helped her get the part.

Ratcatcher 2

Daniela Melchior, a Portuguese actress, travelled across the world in early 2019 for the largest meeting of her career. A global hunt was underway to portray Ratcatcher 2, a comic book character at the centre of The Suicide Squad (in theatres and on HBO Max on Aug. 6).

Melchior’s management encouraged her to put on makeup for the pre-audition meeting, despite the fact that in Portugal, actresses are not required to do so. Melanie Melchior, 24, remembers wearing a motorcycle jacket, thin pants, and heavy makeup. The figure, a loner with the ability to manipulate rats, was not glamorous.

‘No’ was their response after the meeting,’ they claimed. As Melchior explains, she acquired this information later on. A real-life rat chemical test the next day converted her into “that strange, creepy chick,” in her words. What started as a no for Gunn turned into a yes.

She landed a role in the Portuguese television show Mulheres when she was just 17 years old (Women). Her parents encouraged her to pursue a profession, but made it clear that she would be responsible for paying for her own expenses because she was earning money. ‘I paid for my first two automobiles out of my own pocket,’ recalls the actress.

This role opened her a whole new market for her: the Brazilian comic book fan community, where Portuguese is the primary language. (So Paulo’s Comic Con Experience is bigger than San Diego Comic-Con.)

In Atlanta and Panama, where she spent months filming The Suicide Squad, she developed a close relationship with her co-stars. David Dastmalchian, who plays Polka-Dot Man, brought polka-dot cookies to the set to celebrate her birthday.

Some individuals in American movies aren’t as kind, she was told. It seemed to me that I was extremely fortunate.

Oscar-winner Taika Waititi, who portrays the character’s father in flashbacks, was even given the opportunity to receive acting advice from her. Gunn wanted Melchior to see Waititi film so he could fix his Portuguese accent if required, even though they had no scenes together. “I thought, ‘This is wonderful.'”

There were more than her human co-stars who made an effect on the audience: Sebastian, a rodent her character commands, was played by a rotating group of rats. Christopher Ratt, after Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy co-star Chris Pratt, was the name given to one of the cats.

Despite the fact that dealing with animals may be difficult, she insisted that the production utilize the genuine thing. ‘Where is my rat?’ I was the first to ask every day. As she recalls it, “Can I keep my rat?”

Melchior and her manager recently watched a cut of the film in Portugal. This made her “emotionally charged” since she “wanted to go back and repeat the experience”.

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