AnnaLynne McCord Trolled Over Creepy Video Message For Vladimir Putin Amid Russia-Ukraine Crisis: “Dear Putin, If I Were Your Mother..”

AnnaLynne McCord Trolled

AnnaLynne McCord uploaded a weird video asking for peace between Russia and Ukraine on Thursday, which the internet slammed as tone-deaf and compared to Gal Gadot’s controversial “Imagine” video from 2020.

“Dear President Vladimir Putin, I’m very sorry I wasn’t your mother,” she started a spoken-word poetry she tweeted.

McCord, 34, sent the video to Russian President Vladimir Putin after he authorized Russian soldiers to attack Ukraine early Thursday.

“You would have been so cherished if I had been a mother, cradled in the arms of joyful light,” she said.

“Never would we have imagined this story’s agony, the globe unfolding before our eyes, a pristine end of nation resting peacefully under the night sky.” The world would have been warm if I had been your mother.”

McCord claimed she couldn’t understand the authoritarian’s “soul-stealing sorrow” as a youngster, believing he “lived in a brutal, unjust world.”


American internet personality Kate Barstool also mocked the actress with a morphed edition of the poem.

“If I had been your mother, and the world had been chilly, I would have died to keep you warm….” She said in the video, “I’d have died to give you life,” before saying she “cannot believe” she was born “too late” to be Putin’s mother.

“If I were your mother, I’m sure it would be the first step toward realising what a tremendous person of light you might be.” I can’t believe I was born in a different area and at a different time.”

While some of the actress’ fans maintained that she acted in good faith, many others were surprised that she would release the footage at the outset of an already deadly conflict.

Putin has been chastised by world leaders for the unprovoked strike, with US Vice President Joe Biden claiming that it was carried out “without reason or need.” New sanctions and export restrictions on Russia were also announced by Biden.

Following Putin’s declaration of war, Russia began an invasion by land, air, and sea on Thursday. As explosions and gunfire shook major cities, an estimated 100,000 people fled. Russia is attempting to conquer Kyiv and overthrow the government, according to US and Ukrainian authorities.

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