Why Did Carrie Underwood Cancel Her American Idol Finale Performance? Here’s The Reason

Carrie Underwood had a real cause for missing her scheduled “American Idol” performance, as she was pulled away from the stage due to safety concerns. According to Taste of Country, host Ryan Seacrest confirmed Underwood’s cancellation, adding, “There was a COVID-19 exposure among Carrie Underwood’s group.”

Reason Why Carrie Underwood Canceled American Idol
Carrie Underwood

As a result, she is unable to perform tonight as per procedure. Unfortunately, you can see her on her upcoming tour, ‘Denim & Rhinestones,’ which will take place this autumn. So please go visit her.”

Fans were understandably unhappy by her absence and expressed their condolences on social media. “@carrieunderwood, sorry you won’t be on Idol,” one user tweeted, “but hope you’re fine and whomever is sick gets better soon.” “I’m sorry you weren’t able to sing on Idol tonight,” one person said, “but your health comes first.” “I’m hoping you’re fine.”

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Underwood has been silent about her cancelled show, but only hours before the news surfaced, she uploaded a lovely Instagram photo of her sons, Isaiah and Jacob, wearing identical coats from her Las Vegas residency.

Although her husband, Mike Fisher, stated in November 2021 that he stood behind football player Aaron Rodgers after he stated that he did not expect to receive the vaccination straight away, it is unknown if Underwood gets vaccinated against COVID-19.

Fisher posted on Instagram, “I believe in the ability to chose what we put in our bodies and the freedom of conscience,” and Underwood liked it.

According to a report, the Ghost Story singer (Carrie Underwood) served as a coach for the top five candidates on the most recent season of American Idol. She was supposed to sing on Sunday’s Season 20 finale, but she didn’t show up.

“There was a Covid exposure inside Carrie Underwood’s group,” host Ryan Seacrest said at the start of the show. As a result, she is unable to perform tonight as per procedure.

“It’s very bad, but you can catch her on her Denim & Rhinestones tour.” This tour will take place this September. So please go visit her.”

Carrie has remained mum on whether she tested positive for the virus after winning the fourth season of the singing competition.


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