Minnie Mouse Pantsuit Controversy: Candace Owens slams Disney for redesigning Minnie Mouse outfit

New Minnie Mouse Outfit 2022
New vs. Old Minnie Mouse

During an interview, political analyst Candace Owens slammed a makeover of Disney’s popular figure Minnie Mouse. Walt Disney is modifying the outfit of this famous cartoon character.

Owens told Jesse Watters on his show, Jesse Watters Prime Time, on Wednesday that Disney was trying to fix a non-existent issue with the character’s costume. She even went so far as to declare that the decision was an attempt to “destroy our society’s fibers.”

Minnie Mouse’s red and white polka dot dress has been replaced with a blue and black polka dot pantsuit in a temporary style modification.

Original Minnie Mouse Outfit
Original Minnie Mouse Outfit

The garment was designed by Stella McCartney to commemorate Disneyland Paris’ 30th anniversary. Only individuals dressed as Minnie Mouse and performing at the theme park in March will be able to wear the new style.

“I am so glad they are doing this,” Owens said sarcastically.

“Let me just tell you, Jesse, it all stems from what they did with the M&M’s, and now they’re making her more manly, and I’m delighted they’re addressing it.”

After revamping its M&M’s iconic cartoon characters last week, Mars received outrage. The modifications were made as part of the firm’s “global commitment to building a world where everyone feels like they belong and society is inclusive,” according to the corporation.

Minnie Mouse Outfit 2022
New Outfit of Minnie Mouse 2022

Discussing the Disney ensemble, Owens kept on kidding: “We all were damaged when we saw Minnie Mouse and she was appearing as though a female as we were growing up.”

Owens then, at that point, guaranteed the plan change was to divert individuals from the issues of the day, for example, expansion and basic food item costs.

“To this end individuals don’t treat these individuals in a serious way, they are taking these things, that no one was annoyed by and feel they need to dispose of them and annihilate them.

“[This is] in light of the fact that they are exhausted, they are totally exhausted, they are attempting to obliterate the textures of our general public imagining that there are issues.

“This is so everyone investigates here, take a gander at Minnie Mouse, don’t check out expansion, Jesse. Take a gander at Minnie Mouse, the world is going ahead on the grounds that we have her in a pantsuit.

“Quit worrying about that you can get nothing in the supermarket and you can’t buy a piece of bacon except if you have thirty dollars in your pocket, essentially we are resolving the genuine issue which is Minnie Mouse.”

On Tuesday, Disney’s true fan club site declared forthcoming changes to Disneyland Paris for its 30th commemoration. This included new daytime and evening shows, just as new presentations.

Planner McCartney noticed her energy in giving Minnie Mouse another hope to check the commemoration.

“I needed Minnie to wear her absolute first pantsuit at Disneyland Paris, so I have planned one of my famous ensembles, a blue tuxedo, utilizing mindfully obtained textures,” McCartney said.

“This new interpretation of her unique polka dabs gains Minnie Mouse an image of headway for another age.

“She will wear it out of appreciation for Women’s History Month in March 2022. I can hardly wait so that you might see this new glance at Walt Disney Studios Park.”

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