Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are Pregnant! The Singer is Expecting First Baby

Is Rihanna’s pregnant with a boy or a girl?

Rihanna is Pregnant

Rihanna is expecting her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky. The 33-year-old singer and fashion icon flaunted her baby bump while roaming in New York City with her rapper boyfriend over the weekend.

Over the weekend, the pair was seen in New York City, where Rihanna flaunted her baby belly while wearing a long pink jacket. Her enormous jacket had been unzipped at the bottom, revealing her developing bump, which was decorated with a gold cross and sparkling gemstones.

The rapper kisses the soon-to-be mom on the forehead in one of the lovely photographs, which were taken in Harlem, where A$AP Rocky grew up, while they enjoy a snowy walk outside.

Rihanna and A$AP Pregnant
Rihanna (New York)

A$AP Rocky revealed his relationship with Rihanna to GQ in May, calling her the “love of my life.” When asked how he felt in a relationship, he replied, “It’s a huge improvement. It was so much better once you found ‘the One.’ She’s probably the same as a million of the others. I believe that once you know, you know. She’s the only one who can help you.”

When it comes to parenthood, A$AP Rocky, 33, says it’s “definitely in my destiny.” He phrased it thus way at the time: “I believe I would be a great, remarkable, and all-around amazing father. I’d have an extremely feisty kid. Very.”

Rihanna and ASAP are pregnant
A$AP and Rihanna

After years of friendship, a source revealed to PEOPLE in November 2020 that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were dating. Since Rihanna’s three-year relationship with billionaire Hassan Jameel ended in January 2020, the duo has generated romance speculations. She included A$AP Rocky in her Fenty Skin ad in July of that year, and the two conducted multiple interviews together to promote the collaboration.

Rihanna previously discussed baby planning with British Vogue in March 2020, stating that she was “realizing life is really short” and had discovered a new no-nonsense attitude to living.

“You don’t have much time to put up with s——, do you? You have a lot on your plate. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you need to start removing items from your life. And I’m far too stressed out “‘At the moment,’ she added. “What’s going on now is that I’m going back to black and white photography. My grey area is turning off.”

Rihanna and ASAP pregnant with baby girl
Rihanna Flaunts Baby Bump in New York with A$AP

“I know I’ll want to live differently,” she remarked, adding that she envisions herself having “three or four” children in the next ten years, whether or not she has a spouse.

“‘Oh, you got it wrong…,’ I feel like society makes me want to feel. They devalue you as a mother if your children do not have a father figure in their life “Rihanna stated. “But happiness is the only thing that matters; it is the only way for a parent and a kid to have a healthy connection. Love is the only thing that can genuinely raise a child.”

“I’m a black woman. I came from a black woman, who came from a black woman, who came from a black woman, and I’m going to give birth to a black woman. It’s a no-brainer. That’s who I am. It’s the core of who I am in spirit and DNA.”

Rihanna baby Bump
A$AP and Rihanna

Now, Rihanna has brought the ritual back to life by linking it to two current events. The growth of street-style photography from guerilla journalism to a new sort of fashion image-making (the visual counterpart of casual Friday); and the growing usage of social media as an image-building exercise. It’s a method for celebrities to interact with their fans and communities, and to share seemingly personal and raw views of their life in the most polished and regulated way imaginable.

Mr. Diggs, whose specialty is spotlighting his subjects against a black and white backdrop to make them leap into focus, told Vogue that much of his success stemmed from his desire to portray his subjects in their best light, as well as his readiness to abstain if he surprises them on an off day.

Unlike Moore’s tradition of being as naked as possible, or Beyoncé’s photo, which dipped into art history, Rihanna chose a look and composition that appears to be a sly nod to fashion itself — specifically, Anna Wintour’s first Vogue cover, from 1988, which featured Israeli model Michaela Bercu wearing old Guess jeans and a Christian Lacroix jacket with an elaborately jeweled cross on the front, her hair windblown and wavy, laughing

It was groundbreaking at the time: a way to shake up Vogue’s stuffiness, indicate a more raw, high-low period in fashion, and signal the arrival of a new power at the top.

Rihanna’s ability to take control of established images and revise it to her own goals is on display right now. Not to mention her product-moving abilities, which have helped her go from simple fashion icon to wealthy entrepreneur.

Searches for “pink padded jackets” surged 200 percent in the hours after the photographs were uploaded, 175 percent for “torn bluejeans,” and 80 percent for “pearl necklaces,” according to the online shopping website Lovethesales. (Men’s sweater vests, leather pants, and Carhartt jackets all saw a rise in demand as a result of ASAP Rocky.)

Timesread.com has come to know from a close source that Rihanna is pregnant with a baby girl.

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