French Open: Rafaele Nadal is Aiming for 14th Title, Will Face German Alexander Zverev

French Open Semifinals Picks & Title lean

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Rafale Nadal (Image Courtesy: Sports Illustrated)

Rafael Nadal is aiming for a record 14th French Open victory, but first he must beat Alexander Zverev of Germany in the semifinals. We picked up favorites for both semifinals and the final before deciding on a lean.

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Welcome to Times Read. It is Friday, June 3rd. I am your bedding Guys. Hamilton Otto? It typically talk about the PGA. But today I’m talking about the French Open, tennis. It is the semi-finals, the current odds to win the French Open with assemblies, and the final remaining have a dolphin at all. As a – 200 favorite followed by Alexander’s rare of that 421 Casper.

Rude at five and a half to one and mudding, chillage the longer shot at eight to one found at all. Absolutely. Owns this tournament with 110 23 win-loss record here owns 13, French Open titles and has previously won the French Open four times without dropping a set which is the most in Grand Slam history and now potentially has the hardest part of this tournament behind him after a five-set win over Felix as your awliya seem in the fourth round and a four-set win over world number 1 Novak Djokovic who was the tournament favorite to win it all prior to the event now with a 97 percent win record.

I absolutely would not fault. Nobody at all for grabbing that – 200 price. The three previous players to knock in it all out, early was söderling in 2009 and Djokovic twice in 2015 and 2020 one. Now is very I’m going to be a force now.

Potentially by the time you hear this, it is likely that we will know that the winner between rule number three, Alexander’s rare of a plus 275 Underdog against the Canon clay and that often at all. Aim is 335 favorite to win the first semi-final match at Roland Garros. So instead I do want to talk about match number two, which is

Ways Casper, rude, a – 235 favorite against 2014 US. Open winner, Marin cilic. A two-to-one underdog at the play for me chillage. Plus one and a half sets at minus 105, which means that he needs to win at least two sets or win the match by this, either going the distance in five or he wins in four or better.

Now, why am I back in six foot six chillage, who hasn’t reached a major semi-final since losing to Roger Federer in the 2018 Australian Open? Because the man has been here before. Even though it was a long time ago chillage is now the fifth. With active ATP player to reach the semi-final in all four majors with the big three in it all Novak Djokovic, feder plus Andy Murray.

This is rudes first semi-final in a major of his career. While playing a total of just 27. Best of five matches before this French Open and holds a 14-13 win-loss record. Now chillage. He could have a far more impressive resume if it wasn’t for the big three, but he does have the experience 132 54 win-loss record in Majors. He won the US Open in 2014 defeating to

His rivals in Jill, Simone and Roger Federer. And more importantly, he has the weapons here to content. If not get it done. Now. One thing the chillage does have going for him is his serve of which he had thirty three aces in the quarter-final win over. Andrei rublev and is a highly aggressive game that can absolutely disrupt any opponent as we saw in his straight-set victory over world. Number two, Daniel Medvedev in the fourth round. Now, road is definitely coming into his own.

He has improved against big servers and holds a 2 and 0 head-to-head record over. Chillage, including a 6-2 7-6, win on clay in Rome in 2020, but this is a best-of-five and things, definitely change. The dynamic is different, and rude struggled against jo-wilfried Tsonga in the opening round. Another big server though.

He is in far less form by winning in four sets with three tiebreaks to then drop aside to Hoover her catch in the round of 16. After Schiller’s to win one set is a big minus 275 price and certainly you can use that as a parent parlay option, but I do see this match potentially going to do.

Is a competitive five-setter. If this gets to a tie-break, the advantage goes to the better server and that better server is chillage. So the play for me is chillers to win two sets and – 105, you could even sprinkle on that 821 for him to win the whole tournament, the French Open because he did have that fairy tale win. In the 2014. US Open defeating two of his kryptonite’s and Simone and Federer. And he could have the same fairytale story going on here, but do shop around because you can find a ten-to-one or better at other spots. You can follow me on Twitter over at @times_read .

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