Opinion: How EU, U.S Military Aids Worsening The Situation For Ukraine in This ‘Proxy’ War

US Military Aid

The EU and other foreign powers are providing hundreds of millions of Euros with a myth. The conflate fast interest to lay down their arms and engage in dialogue. And while Russian and Ukrainian officials are seeking to end the conflict, the EU and other foreign powers are providing hundreds of millions of euros, worth of military supplies to Ukraine with the EU saying it.

So give 450 million euros of Weaponry. Germany is seeking sending, excuse me, 1000, anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger. Anti-aircraft systems while Denmark has also announced plans to send anti-tank weapons. Sweden, meanwhile is sending 5,000 Javelins, as well as body armor and over 100,000 field rations.

Our guests expressed concern that NATO, watch has little interest in resolving the conflict. I’m very concerned about that. I mean, first of all, let’s face it. It seems to me that NATO and in particular, the United States did everything, they could want to provoke this war to provoke, Russia into this and Ukraine is acting in aggressive ways themselves, for example, with Zelenski saying, very recently that maybe he should get nuclear weapons. Again. That’s what I understand. May have tipped it. 

So, in the meantime they provoked this then when it happened, they basically stood back and watched it happen and have been watching it happen. And now that they’re entering peace talks. They’re sending in Lethal, military. Aid again. What’s NATO? Doing to me? This is only adding fuel to the fire. It does not contribute to peace talks.

And again, it’s just more provocations. The aggression has been ramped up a NATO continues to say we are not a threat to Russia while in the meantime. Are providing billions of dollars with the u.s. Together billions of dollars and weapons for Ukraine to kill Russians.

So it was a real proxy war going on here between the US the EU and Russia ukrainians are in the middle. They’re the ones that are the ones getting shot. They’re not they’re fighting and dying for the u.s. Not for their own independence videos of WhatsApp. 

It’s have been a missile attack, are coming from the south of Ukraine, where locals are reporting ongoing? Fighting. This next video, purportedly shows an apartment building, allegedly hit by an overnight rocket attack in the north of the country. The lower floors were damaged where a fire broke out, reports suggest one woman was injured, but the play The Blaze has been extinguished.

These unverified images are coming in from the Ukrainian Capital, where locals say air defense, systems are actively operating, Kiev authorities said, the city was surrounded, then back down from that claim. Now, they’re saying groups of Russian. 

Saboteurs are trying to bring chaos to the street. Russia’s military has dismissed involvement in these alleged actions. It’s just Kiev is flooded with armed gangs of looters, robbers, and radical nationalists. They were given guns in an unlawful. 

Decision by the authorities to hand out, lethal weapons to anyone without checking. I’m addressing all residents of Kiev. Everyone can leave the capital freely by a designated Road. This road is open and safe. I want to emphasize. Once again. The Russian army is attacking only military targets.

The civilian population is not under threat. The United Nations has called a rare emergency meeting to focus on the conflict in Ukraine with the US and its Western allies seeking to isolate Moscow. Russia recently used its veto as a permanent member of the council to cancel a resolution against Moscow, while China, India and the United Arab Emirates, have all abstained our New York correspondent Kelly, mopping reports. 

The representative of the United States hurled. A lot of allegations at Russia, accusing Russia of many things and blaming Russia for the entire conflict. Here’s some of what we heard. We need to take extraordinary actions to meet this threat to our International System and do everything we can to help Ukraine and its people.

Meaning President, Putin put Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert, even though he is invading a country with no nuclear weapons. We urge Russia to tone down his stain, Juris rhetoric regarding nuclear weapons. Now from there are a number of countries aligned with the United States echoed.

These allegations from the United States placing the blame for the conflict solely on the shoulders of Russia now. We heard China. We take to the floor of the UN security council meeting and when China spoke they called for Ada escalation.

They urged dialogue, China, supports and encourages all diplomatic efforts, conducive to a peaceful settlement of the Ukraine crisis and welcomes. The earliest possible direct dialogue and negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. At the same time. Try not supports Eco footed dialogues between the EU and Russia on European. 

The issues now from there. We did see Russia take to the floor and debunk, a large number of the allegations and heated rhetoric. We heard from other countries. One theme that was very key in the remarks made by Russian Ambassador in a band, Zia was fake news and the fact that there are videos circulating throughout the internet that purport to be from Ukraine showing Russian atrocities. When in reality, some of them have been filmed in Libya.

Some of them have been filmed in Syria. Some of them have even been filmed come from video games in the United States. This crisis broke out, not as a result of the launch of the Russian. Special military operation in Ukraine, but much earlier, 148 years.

You turned a blind eye to the crimes perpetrated by the Ukrainian nationalists and emboss. And again today, you did not mention at all the suffering of the residents of Donbas. That’s the Russian.  Lassiter pointing out that while there is so much concern for the people of Ukraine, there seemed to be no concern over the past eight years, for the people of the Donbas region.

The People’s Republic of Donetsk, People’s Republic of Lugansk and what they’ve been in during the shelling, the food blockades, the ban on their language, the threats against them, we had the Russian Ambassador taking the floor and just kind of refuting. A lot of these allegations.

Now, that was followed by a very theatrical speech by the Ukrainian. Ativan, which he spoke in both English, as well as Russian, and which he, you know, did a lot of dramatic things and made personal appeals to members of the security Council.

Not a lot of agreement between great Powers represented in the meetings, some pretty big gaps in their understanding of world events, but it seemed like one thing that did bring everyone together was a desire for the fighting to end. It seems like everyone wanted the conflict to come to an end. Everyone wanted there to be some kind of resolution. 

So, that is at least one thing the country’s had in common. Despite the fact that they had very, very different interpretations of events. Ken Stone from the Hamilton coalition to stop. The war says Western media. Outlets have not sufficiently. Conveyed, the suffering that the people of the Donbas have endured for years in the conflict with the Ukrainian military.

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