#AbolishNATO Trends on Twitter, What’s Your Opinion?


#AbolishNATO is currently trending on Twitter. You may call it Russian propaganda, however, some experts are concerned about NATO’s expansion in the Eastern Europe. Political experts think there was no need to test Russia’s aggression at this point of time.

Now Twitter is divided between those who believe #AbolishNATO is Russian propaganda and people who thinks NATO should stop its expansion in the Baltic region.

It cannot be totally debunked that many past NATO (Or U.S & Allies) operations were ethically wrong and people suffered because of those operations. For example Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria.

It is true that in many of those countries NATO may not be directly involved but U.S and it’s NATO allied countries were directly involved. It has been estimated that more that 1 million people died in Iraq. And all that for just “Oil”.

I want to believe that #AbolishNATO is a propaganda, but NATO is no saint either. I would prefer NATO and Russia both agree to maintain good relations and not try to run each other over with their tanks.

But there’s something really important at risk here. And perhaps it is not too late to present a point of view that I believe is shared by a number of individuals with substantial and, in most cases, more recent experience in Russian affairs. To put it clearly, enlarging NATO would be the greatest disastrous mistake of American strategy in the post-Cold War era.

Such a decision is likely to inflame Russian nationalist, anti-Western, and militaristic sentiments; have a negative impact on the development of Russian democracy; restore the cold war atmosphere to East-West relations; and push Russian foreign policy in directions that are decidedly not to our liking.

Last but not least, it may make ratification of the Start II agreement by the Russian Duma considerably more difficult, if not impossible, as well as additional reductions in nuclear weapons.

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