Lavrov Says U.S. Nuclear Weapons in Europe Unacceptable, Time To Bring Them Home

This missions, they Exercise, the use of nuclear weapons against Russia. The American nuclear weapons, should be brought back to home and all the nuclear infrastructure in Europe. Should be dismantled we come from the assumption that there could be no winners in the nuclear war so it shouldn’t break out.

Lavrov at UNSC says US Nuclear Weapon unacceptable in Europe

Note: The text has been transcribed from Lavrov’s UNSC speech. There may be some errors.

And this principle is stipulated in the joint statement and June 16th. And 2021 and the statement made by the head of state of Russia and China. 

In June of twenty Twenty-One. It is important that with the participation and active participation of Russia. The Joint statement the, by the leaders of five nuclear Powers was made on prevention of the nuclear war and prevention of the nuclear rays. To contain the nuclear rays. We in this situation when the treaties countries are withdrawing from the treaties, our country, to the obligation, not to deploy systems in the regions.

Where there will be no similar weapons produced in America. We call on an American its allies to follow our example. To follow suit, Russia has never had short-range and medium-range missiles. If they say otherwise that then they are telling lies and they are covering for those who destroyed the treaty kind of treaty.

The rush is still a Are two of the multilateral talks to increase and enhance. Strategic stability. We come from that assumption. That such ideas should be. Based on consensus taking into consideration, the concerns of all the participants. We also hope that this year there will be an event that 10th conference.

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On consideration of the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Treaty one of the key elements of the International Security and strategic stability. This conference should be held in constructive atmosphere, and Operate. The participants, should reiterate their Readiness their willingness to stick to the obligations. They have assumed that We also look at the attempts by Duque by Australian by other countries, to create the close partnership because it has negative impact on nuclear non-proliferation. It escalates the situation and it leads to continues arms. Raise not only in Asia and the Pacific region. And we hope that the progress will be made after the nuclear dad’s band will be implemented. And then this regard, we are disappointed by this tents of the United States.

The current Administration has been working for more than a year. But nevertheless the former approach by the US that is aaa-rated in the military Doctrine in 2018 hasn’t been reconsidered. Still very continuous efforts to resume the full-scale implementation of the joint comprehensive plan of action to settle the situation, around the Iranian nuclear program. We hope that it will be successful, because there is no sensible alternative to jcpoa obligations under the nuclear deal reaffirmed by the security Council, resolution must be implemented by everyone without any other clauses. And this. Situation. 

We all can see. How bad it could be if people can’t find common ground in this case in Washington because the policy of blackmailed have no future and trying to create Zone in the Middle East and North Africa zone, free from nuclear weapons, and weapons of mass destruction as it stipulated in the security Council, resolution and upgrade the two sessions of the conference in accordance, with the decision made in 2018 by the general assembly of the UN, Russia. 

Soup dated in this firm, says an observer and we hope that Israel will join this process and also the United States of America, co-author of the resolution about zone free from the nuclear weapons. We also would like to enhance the convention on the prohibition of the toxicological in toxic weapons. To have a conference on these matters. We urge our partners to support Russian initiatives aimed at strengthening institutional basis of this convention. We are deeply concerned still deeply concerned by the situation in the ocw 0 because that’s the direct result of the destructive policy, followed by the US and its allies in the vein of the of the world. 

Rule-based World Order policy that they propagate. They basically privatized this International institution and now they use it for their geopolitical Ambitions, Secretariat of ocw. Old is used by them, openly to exert, pressure to the government’s that unlike against whom, they create a lot of Unproved evidence. We don’t want this organization to become a tool to achieve their own agenda. Jerry called X. We come from the assumption that the conference can reverse, the bad Trends in the arms. Control areas non-proliferation of arms areas and also to help to enhance the International Security and stability to achieve this goal. We also have a Russian initiative to develop International. 
You know, convention to counter the biological and chemical Terror reason to strengthen the legal framework of Countering terrorism. It’s in the interests of all the states. If there is political, will the participants of the conference must overcome the differences, and to find the common ground, that will open up the avenue to resume the dialogue negotiations. We still have a chance to do that. Hopefully the six chairs of the conference of 2022 will make their contribution thinking for your attention and all the best. 

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