‘Juno’ Actor Elliot Page Comes Reveals Being Transgender in Heartfelt Letter


In an emotional post shared on his social media accounts, Oscar nominated “Juno” and The Umbrella Academy actor Elliot Page, previously known as Ellen Page, has come out as transgender and non-binary. The actor writes in an open letter, “Hi friends, I want to share with you that I’m trans, my pronouns are he/she and my name is Elliot.” “I feel fortunate to have this published. Here to be. To have come to this place in my lifetime.’

For the incredible people who have helped me throughout this path, I feel immense gratitude,” Page continues.” I can’t start explaining how remarkable it feels to actually love who I am enough to embrace my true self. I’ve been inspired endlessly by so many of the trans world. Thank you for your strength, kindness and relentless efforts to make this planet a community that is more inclusive and caring. I will give whatever encouragement I can and continue to work for a world that is more caring and equitable.

In “Hard Candy” and “Juno,” Page got his start with breakthrough film appearances, the latter of which gained him an Oscar nomination in the category of Best Actress. A year before “Juno” catapulted Page to the mainstream, he starred in “X-Men: The Last Stand,” a role he would reprise in the sequel movie “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” as the mutant Kitty Pryde. Page’s other acting credits include “Inception” by Christopher Nolan and “Freeheld” by Julianne Moore.

In his message, Page writes, “I love that I am trans.” “And I enjoy being gay, too. And the closer I hold and truly accept who I am, the more I imagine, the more my heart expands and the more I succeed. To all trans persons who every day struggle with harassment, self-loathing, bullying and the fear of assault. I see you, I love you and I will do whatever I can to make this world turn for the better. “

Page is now starring in the hit Netflix “The Umbrella Academy” comic book series, which premiered its second season earlier this year and will return for a third season at a later date. THR reported that Page will remain with the series and that Netflix is working over the first two scenes retroactively to better credit the cast of Elliot Page. In the Instagram post below, read Page’s total coming out letter.

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