Did Lizzo Kill a Fan by Stage Diving?

Lizzo Responds To Rumors of Killing a Fan by Stage Diving. Read Full Story!

Lizzo Stage Diving

When accusations began to circulate that Lizzo was responsible for the death of a fan, she retaliated by leaping off the stage during one of her performances.

TikTok user Truth Hurts clarified that she never jumped into a mob of people.

It’s the myth that I stage dove during a performance and murdered someone that annoys her the most, she says.

“In the first place, it’s a lie! My my life, I’ve never done a stage dive or jumped from a building.”

In addition, she performed a belly-flop on her bed to illustrate that her jump is not fatal in nature.

“Y’all really gon’ put that on my [expletive] name? Like, I know I’m big but, [expletive], I’m not that [expletive] big.”

She captioned the video, “STOP THE [expletive].” 

Is Lizzo Carrying The Baby of “Captain America”?

Did Lizzo Kill a Fan by Stage Diving?

At least that’s what the internet has us believing! Following Chris Evans’ drunken DM from Lizzo, fans have been asking the singer all kinds of things — from if the two are dating to whether they’re expecting a kid together.

While Captain America’s music played in the background, Lizzo said: “This is something I’ve been trying to keep extremely personal and private, just between myself and the father of my kid… ”


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Her tummy bulged out as she took a step back, and she said, “Since then, I’ve been sucking. We’re going to enjoy a small taste of the United States!”


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