Former AOA Member Mina Attempts Suicide; Transported To Hospital

Former KPOP Singer and AOA Member Mina Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

In the early morning hours of July 29, former AOA member Mina reportedly tried to kill herself, according to sources. After being unable to reach the singer, a friend discovered her comatose in her residence. Mina’s acquaintance became concerned about her and visited her, phoning the police shortly thereafter. From there, Mina was transported to a nearby hospital.


Emergency surgery was undertaken to save her life. She did not receive a life-threatening injury, but she did have significant bleeding.

The artist had posted a series of Instagram posts a few hours previous to the attempted assassination. First, Mina apologized for her inability to stay away for a lengthy period of time and announced her return to social media. And she’s sorry that she’s worried the fans and hasn’t followed her own rules!

Her past conflicts are not directly linked to the screenshots Mina provided in a second post. They have also continued to propagate falsehoods about her, she said. After sharing a series of nasty comments addressed to her personally, the singer vented against the senders on Instagram.

Further information on the incident is pending.

Update: Exclusive Image of Mina’s Condition:

Mina Commits Suicide

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