Behind the Scenes of #TheNorthFacexGucci Documentary

#TheNorthFacexGucci Documentary: Gucci and The North Face’s All-Star Collaboration. Alessandro Michele, TNF’s David Whetstone and their creative team came together.

Behind the Scenes of Gucci and The North Face's All-Star Collaboration
TheNorthFacexGucci Documentary

Gucci and The North Face’s unpredicted seasonal team-up already erode one of the most significant partnerships of 2021 the hardly noticeable luxury and streetwear lines which include a wide variety of adventure articles and accessories. Gucci asked Sean Vegezzi to briefly record the artistic process of the partnership in commemoration of the joint endeavor.

Each corporation obviously wanted to instill in an organic mix its own values into the project. “The objective is to expose people from another world into a new idea, and a new … way of thinking,” says David Whetstone, the North Face Design Manager, in the film.

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Fans of both brands prefer not only to stroll — they want to carry them in luxury and elegance to the hills, as illustrated by fleeting shots from the Italian Dolomite Mountains to America Sierra Nevada. “It’s a creative culture itself, in a garment,” says Nina Williams, pro-climber. “These are lovely clothes. These are capable clothes,” says Whetstone.

The short film demonstrates the natural hybridization of partnership along with videos of every mountain range and action shots by contributors Williams and Post AOW. Certainly these garments are drawn from the exquisite legacy of North Face, but even in Italy they fall in line with Gucci’s strict levels of design, which are enhanced by the world-famous feeling of whimsical artistic director Alessandro Michele. Michele says: “I truly feel that all clothes have shamanic abilities.

Gucci X The North Face begins in Brooklyndowntown Los AngelesSan FranciscoChicago and Toronto on January 6 at Gucci Pin pop-up sites, before launching on-line and select flagships later this month.

This is not Gucci’s only headlining partnership: recently, a Doraemon extended collaboration was launched by the luxury fashion company.

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