Gibson Acquires Mesa/Boogie, The Amplifier Manufacturing Company: Issues Statement

Mesa/Boogie will continue to manufacture amplifiers under its own name however, it will be rebranded as “Gibson’s Custom Shop for Amplifiers” as well.

Gibson acquires Mesa/Boogie Aplifier manufacturing company
A vintage Mesa/Boogie amplifier

Gibson has announced the acquisition of Mesa/Boogie in a move which brings one of the leading brands for guitar under the same umbrella as a well-known producer of guitar amps.

Randy Smith developed much of the groundwork and new design systems – including the groundbreaking idea of high-gain amps that have characterized the Mesa line for many decades. The Mesa/Boogie was known as the first boutique amp company 51 years ago. The company was the company.

As Master Builder and Pioneer of Mesa/Boogie, Smith would join Gibson.

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Smith “will continue his enthusiasm for tube technology and his vision for the development of high-performance, manufactured amplifiers that continue to redefine the way we feel sound across Mesa/Boogie and Gibson,” he explains.

Gibson’s JC Curleigh and Cesar Gueikian, and Randy Smith’s Mesa/Boogie told the story behind the historic purchase of Mesa/Boogie by Gibson in an exclusive interview with Gitar World — and what it means for legendary brands.

“Today we have no Gibson amps, so we began to think about who is the best out of the market, not just with respect to their name, but also to exploit the legendary past in the creative future.” James Curleigh, CEO and President of Gibson, said to GW, “There was only one response and it was Mesa/Boogie.” “There is only one reaction.

“At Gibson we all want to exploit our legendary history and to focus on an ambitious future, which began with our founder Orville Gibson over a hundred years ago.

“Together with the visionary leadership of Randy Smith and his team which has created an iconic brand of time for 50 years, this effort continues today. “They’ve been entering the Gibson labels of Mesa Boogie. This is a great collaboration based on our experience and sound enthusiasm.”

“I’m 75 and I’m still working every day,” Smith said. This is my craft, and for 30 to 40 years several of our crews worked with me. When we saw the transition of JC and Cesar, we saw siblings with mutual ideals and a fervent devotion to excellence.

Cesar Gueikian, Randy Smith and James “JC” Curleigh (Image: Gibson)

“Gibson Guitars are today the best guitars ever and we envisaged a great partnership that would extend your scope while maintaining our heritage past my time, when they asked us if we want to become Gibson’s personalized shop for amplifiers.

“Gibson knows what we have built together is the special meaning and this next step in the history of Mesa/Boogie continues on from that hope. After 50 years of doing what I do, I am so lucky in this relationship with the new Gibson. This was my life’s journey… and it’s still incomplete! ”

“Mesa Boogie headed by Randy has sounded without compromise from the outset and that’s perfect for us,” said Gibson CMO Cesar Gueikian. We aim to be the strongest protector of the legendary legacy of Mesa Boogie and at the same time a steward of its potential.

“We are glad to have been able to lead Mesa Boogie into the future with Randy and the Messa Boogie squad. Together we will continue our shared search for tone, consistency and skill, as well as the limits of how guitar sounds are delivered and heard.”.”

Tool guitarist Adam Jones, a Mesa Boogie longtime user who also worked with Gibson on Les Paul Custom Silverburst, who also recently fired in in 1979, comments: “It is very exciting, I can not think of a better business to bear the Mesa Boogie torch.

“For a long time, I used Mesa Boogie amplifiers and enclosures. I use them at home, I film in the studio, I perform live on the stage, they satisfy all of my needs.”

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