Why is #BoycottBlackpink Trending on Twitter? Find Out


KPOP Star Blackpink Faces Backlash After Using Hindu Deity “Ganesha” As A Prop In Her new Music Video ” How You Like That” Which Allegedly Hurt Sentiments of Indian Fans. #BoycottBlackpink is Trending On Twitter US and Twitter India To Show Disregard.

With their highly anticipated new single “How You Like That,” K-pop girl group Blackpink smashed YouTube’s record for the most-watched music video premiere of all time. You should be very proud of these girls.

Some eagle-eyed K-pop fans discovered that the most revered Hindu Deity statue was being used in the music video.

As well as heresy, the females of YG will be severely affected by this, regardless of whether they were involved on the MV set. Ganesha became a KPOP trend in India because Indians voiced their dislike of it.

When it came to the artists’ agencies, the majority of fans opted to mail and tag them. However, there were a few who revealed the nasty side of KPOP fans and fan wars.

Blackpink insults ganesha
Ganesha Deity Insult
Ganesha Insult 2

While some fandoms asked that they send a polite letter to the agency to express their displeasure at the agency’s carelessness, which can reflect ill on artists. Not for the first time a K-POP agency has been accused of cultural appropriation, according to reports. Fans from all around the world are holding the agency accountable for its actions.

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