Why is #FireLauraIngraham Trending on Twitter USA? Let’s Find Out

Laura Ingraham

Since evening #FireLauraIngraham is trending on Twitter. Something weird happened on Fox News. But, why everyone is Tweeting #FireLauraIngraham?

The thing is, Fox News host mocked officer with fake trophy.

Check Out the Video Clip where Laura Ingraham is seen mocking the officer with “Fake Trophy”:

Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham mocks DC Metropolitan police officer Michael Fanone’s statement after he was beaten during the Capitol incident.

After the show, people started taking offence and demanding Laura Ingraham’s eviction from Fox News.

Here are some of the tweets of angry Netizens.

This is hysterical – and #FireLauraIngraham
.@IngrahamAngle: Congratulations on winning “Most despicable performance” for a host in the history of television. Please display it prominently in your home or office. Believe me when I say that you will NEVER outrun the shame of this. #FireLauraIngraham #cancelFoxNews
Laura Ingraham has finally earned her very own trophy as today’s #DickOfTheDay
🏆 for mocking the heroic police officers who spent hours giving honest and incredibly heartbreaking testimonies during yesterday’s hearing. #FireLauraIngraham
I can 100% get behind the #FireLauraIngraham hashtag. Agree completely. In fact, I’m all about #CancelFoxNews, to be honest. What a cesspool of lies & deception…
#FireLauraIngraham A new low & there is no bottom…
#FireLauraIngraham because
End the hate filled propaganda. End the lies and the fear mongering, but most of all end the blatant homophobia and racism! Heal America and #FireLauraIngraham #FireLauraIngraham

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