Shocking: Why Did Lionel Messi Leave FC Barcelona (Barça)? (Revealed) “But Messi” Trending on Twitter

4 sec ago!~ Shocking! ~Messi Leaves Barcelona~! Why did Messi leave Barcelona? [Soccer-Barça] Lionel Messi is leaving Barca HQ [Barca-President Laporta ] Messi to Join PSG ! Which Club Would Messi Play Next #Messi Resigned From FC Barcelona!! Lionel Messi Fans’ Reaction

Messi Leaves FC Barcelona

Footballer Lionel Messi is trending on Twitter since today morning. Already 100K people have twitted about it. But, what exactly is the reason? Let’s find out.

The matter is, Barça (FC Barcelona) scorer Lionel Messi is set to leave the football (Soccer) club. The club will not have Lionel Messi play the next season. And, this has jolted the football fans across the world. Fans thin Barca can go on without Messi, but Messi himself was Barca.

According to sources, it has been alleged that the reason behind this shocking decision of Lionel Messi is because of ‘Financial’ and structural limitations and obstacles.

Ninety-nine words may erase 21 years of walking hand in hand…not to mention 810 professional games, 683 goals, 10 Liga titles, seven Copas del Rey titles, four Champions League titles, and three FIFA Club World Cups!

Messi will not be staying at FC Barcelona, according to the club’s website. Messi’s perhaps the greatest club career of all time has come to an end.

A lot more is going on than meets the eye, as was the case with Messi’s own “Burofax” episode, which occurred less than a year ago.

The Barcelona club has decided to split ways with Lionel Messi. As a result of La Liga’s pay cap restrictions, a new contract cannot be signed despite the parties’ agreement. Leo Messi’s previous deal ended in the summer of 2013.

When asked about Messi’s contract extension, Barcelona president Joan Laporta stated that the club would have spent 110 per cent of their yearly income on player pay if they had retained him.

Barca would have been able to keep their best player if they had agreed to La Liga’s planned sale of a 10% interest in the tournament to private equity firm CVC, but they have refused to do so.

The former Barcelona president was quick to blame his predecessor Josep Maria Bartomeu for the club’s financial woes, revealing that the team is on pace to lose over $600 million in the 2020-21 season.

Laporta was asked if Barca and Messi could pull themselves out of the abyss. He emphasized that he did not want to give “false optimism” without conceding that Messi’s 21-year tenure in Catalonia is unlikely to continue.

Paris Saint-Germain are trying to acquire Lionel Messi, according to CBS Sports. The Ligue 1 giants feel that the expense of acquiring the six-time Ballon d’Or winner might be offset by the income he would generate. A contract has been negotiated, according to Fabrizio Romano, with the player’s camp. It appears that only PSG and a small number of Premier League clubs could afford such a contract.

Messi’s desire to quit the only club he’s ever played for was originally disclosed a year ago. Barcelona’s legal action against him was eventually dropped, although his contractual position was never entirely resolved. Laporta’s return to Barcelona as president seemed to make it more probable that Messi would stay, but the specifics were never entirely worked out, and now, it appears that La Liga rules are still standing in the way.

PSG Wants to Sign Messi

Pochettino confirms that PSG have made contact with Lionel Messi about a possible move. According to ESPN, Messi’s presence at PSG may have an influence on the futures of both Kylian Mbappe and Paul Pogba.

According to ESPN, PSG contacted Messi on Thursday after Barca said he would not be signing a new contract. They’ve been in touch with Jorge for a while. Leonardo and Nasser al Khelaifi are highly involved in the negotiations.

Pochettino verified this information at a press conference ahead of PSG’s season-opening match in Ligue 1. “Signing Messi is certainly a possibility,” he added. We are working on it and will let you know as soon as we get any information.”

According to sources, Messi joining PSG would boost the possibility of Mbappe signing a new long-term agreement with the club when his contract expires next summer. Real Madrid’s chances of landing the 22-year-old on a free transfer next summer would be dashed if this happened.

It would also halt PSG’s interest in signing Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba, who has a year left on his contract at Old Trafford and will become a free agent in the summer of 2019.

Messi’s desire to leave Camp Nou was disclosed in August 2020, and PSG has been outspoken about their desire to sign him ever since. PSG’s Neymar reportedly tried to convince Messi to join the club while they were on holiday in Ibiza, according to ESPN. As well as Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paredes, and Marco Verratti, Messi spoke with them about the issue.

According to ESPN, PSG owner Tamim bin Hamad wants to lure Messi to the club and is being kept up to date on all discussions. Messi or Ronaldo have been on Bin Hamad’s wish list since he acquired the club in 2011.

Messi’s arrival at PSG, though, will come at a cost to the club. Barcelona let him go once his contract expired, but even as a free agent he would fetch a big salary, signing-on fee and bonuses.

“I don’t want to create false optimism,” Barcelona president Joan Laporta said on Friday. “No one is larger than the club.”

He stated he didn’t want to give them false optimism. “We were made aware of alternative bids for Messi over the course of the discussions. Because they require time, both of us and they have a certain time restriction.

It is now time for the leagues to commence. A 50-year loan on my golf course is not something I’m willing to do for anyone. Financial fairness is the rationale for the choice. In terms of player salary, we have a cap.”

As a result of Messi’s arrival, PSG would no longer be interested in signing Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba, who would then be a free agent once his contract expires.

Messi declared in August 2020 that he wanted to leave Camp Nou. Since then, PSG has been outspoken about their desire to sign him. ESPN has learned that PSG’s Neymar urged Messi to join the club when they were on vacation in Ibiza. About this, Messi also spoke to Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paredes and Marco Verratti.

Devastated FC Barcelona Fans Take To The Streets

So, how Barca fans are holding up? The news that Lionel Messi is leaving Barcelona after 21 years in Spain has divided Barcelona’s fans. Kindly, no. Camp Nou supporters gathered Thursday in front of the gate to express their concerns.

La Liga’s new financial regulations played a factor in the failure to reach an agreement with the Argentine superstar and the club. Because Real Madrid’s announcement came late in the day, it’s likely that more people will begin to gather around the club’s offices in the morning, when club president Joan Laporta is scheduled to address the press.

Which Club Messi Would Join Now?

When the news came about Messi, Times Read’s transfer expert and soccer insider Eric joined Ahmed. On the probable landing sites, he had this to say:

To be honest, I don’t think Leo Messi will play in Italy. After spent his entire childhood at Barcelona, he feels the same about Spain and Spanish clubs. Because Manchester City is now focused on Harry Kane after losing Jack Grealish, they did not have Leo Messi in mind. Because he is a free agent, they may alter their minds in the future. However, they are now preparing something else.

“Because PSG has a lot of money to spend on the market and because they were always interested in Leo Messi, I would keep an eye on the situation, but in the last few months, Messi and Barca have always stated they will stay together. As for Paris Saint-Germain, we’ll have to wait and see what happens now that Leo Messi is available and the scenario has shifted. Paris Saint-Germain is a team to keep an eye on.”

Is There Any Hope For Messi To Stay in FC Barcelona?

To begin with, Laporta’s reaction to this issue is significant, and he concludes by stating unequivocally that the post-Messei period has begun.

“I don’t want to instil false optimism, and we were aware that the player had received other offers over the course of talks.

“After two months of work, we’ve reached several phases in the project. After two years, the first contract was due in five years. Leo agreed. When the discussions were taking place, he was always present. His goal was to make things as simple as possible for us.

First, we were offered a two-year salary to be paid over five years, and we thought that was reasonable. Cash was a consideration. It’s all a part of the process, after all! In addition to La Liga’s demands, there are other clubs who want laws and norms to be adhered to as well.

As a result of our discussions, we agreed to a five-year deal with Leo. In the end, we agreed on two years and agreed to discuss if he wanted more… In two years, we wanted the post-Messi era to begin.

In light of the circumstances, we’ve decided to move forward with it. Barcelona is unable to accommodate his talent at this time.

“It turned out following a technical study by La Liga’s commission, that the contract we signed for five years was not legitimate under the laws. Now, the only option was to accept La Liga’s operation, which was not in Barca’s best interests, as the sole option. We were supposed to receive some money, but we don’t think we can accept it if it affects our television rights in the future. Players, managers, and presidents are not the only things that Barca cares about.”

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