Untitled Avenger 5 Clip Leaked: Ultron Returns

Avenger 5 has not been officially announced yet. However, recently a 5 minutes clip is surfacing on the internet that shows Avengers have reassembled. In this clip we can Ultron has returned as well.

I was just browsing YouTube randomly and suddenly this clip has got attention. Now, it’s not clear whether Marvel is gonna use this clip in the movie, because generally they reshoot when a clip gets leaked.

This is clearly a fight sequence between the Avengers and Ultron. We can see Ultron being Ultron in this short clip. Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel being funny, Captain America (Anthony Mackie) , Ant-Man & The Wasp and Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) are smashing Ultron’s flying bots.

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The bright side is, Ms. Marvel finally gets to meet her idol Captain Marvel.

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