Top 10 Cool USB Gadgets You May Want To Buy

USB gadgets are everywhere and they have become a part of our lives. Starting from USB flash drive to USB printer. Have you ever wondered if almost any device can connect to a PC using USB then there must be some cool USB gadgets out there. Today I will tell you some really cool USB gadgets for your PC.

1. USB FM Radio Transmitter

This USB gadget transmits audio wirelessly around your house or business from your desktop computer or laptop to adjacent FM radios.

FM Transmitter for PC
FM Radio Transmitter for PC

This USB transmitter may be easily linked to your computer using the included USB connection and is a true plug-and-play gadget. When you plug the transmitter onto your computer, the transmitter automatically installs itself in a matter of seconds for compatible operating systems. More Details..

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2. USB Capture Card

A capture card is a device that transmits a video stream to a computer for processing and has passthrough capabilities so that the video signal can be recorded and viewed on a computer monitor simultaneously.

Capture Card

HDMI to USB Video Capture Card for Live Video Streaming Record: This device can record any livestream easily with multiple output quality options. No external power required for it to function. More Details..

3. USB External Blu-Ray Drive

Those times are gone when PC manufacturers used to provide an internal CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive. But, Blu-Ray movies still release and many games come on Blu-Ray. So, if you are a movie and Game freak, you may need an external USB Blu-Ray drive.

USB Bluray Drive

This external Blu-ray drive uses two different cables, USB and TPC. The external Blu-ray drive is very light and thin, easy to carry and store, can be easily connected to a Type-C or USB 3.0 interface computer, high-speed data transmission. More Details..

4. USB Fridge

Yes, you heard it. USB Fridge! You can actually buy a fridge powered by USB cable. Although, don’t expect too much from it. This fridge is basically a USB powered Cooler and Warmer for Beverage cans.

USB Fridge

Portable mini fridge, apply to all PC or other USB interface, no batteries or driver required, plug and play. This works as drink warmer as well. More Details..

5. SATA to USB Adapter

If you have an old Hard Drive which still works you can buy this SATA to USB Adapter and use your internal hard drive as an External Flash Drive. Check if your HDD is 2.5 inch or 3.5 before buying.

Sata to USB

Quick access to SATA SSD OR HDD: Expand the storage capacity on your laptop by using this SATA to USB connection to connect to a 3.5″ or 2.5″ SSD or HDD. You may expand storage, make backups, generate disc images, carry out data recoveries, and transfer files to your laptop by connecting to an external drive. More Details..

6. USB Desk Fan

USB desk fan can be very useful if you work in hot and humid environment. It works like any other DC motor fan. The power supply comes from the USB connector.


Less than 8 ounces and a classic style make this item tiny and take up little room. It is ideal for use at home, in a car, an office, outdoors, or when travelling. Even when a strong wind is present, the fan’s noise level is less than 50 dB. This is a nice companion who is peaceful and at ease for you as you work and relax. More Details..

7. USB Oscilloscope for PC

Students understand how important oscilloscopes are for their science projects. A traditional oscilloscope comes at a price and they are mostly available at labs. However, you can use a portable USB oscilloscope for limited applications with accurate results.

USB Oscilloscope

This one is a 2 Channel oscilloscope with 20 MHz bandwidth and 48MS/s. There is no need for an extra power supply for the portable oscilloscope, it can be connected to pc through the USB port for power directly. It works on Windows 11/10/8.1/7. More Details..

8. USB Transfer Cable

USB to USB Transfer cable is used to communicate between two PCs. It’s simple plug and play. This device has two USB 3.0 connector at both end. Simply connect these USB connectors to two PCs respectively and they can transfer data between themselves.

USB to USB Transfer Cable

Before upgrading your PC to a newer one, move your files and directories to avoid data loss. If both computers support USB 3.0, it can be up to three times quicker than USB 2.0. Windows 32 bit and 64 bits are both supported. You can explore the directories of the other PC and copy the files you want.

9. USB Vacuum Cleaner

This is a mini USB powered vacuum cleaner to clean keyboard and PC vents. Plug and play, insert USB directly, convenient and energy saving. Dust removing of keyboard is not easy to hit, equipped with LED light.

USB Vacuum Cleaner

This small device can be used to remove dust on keyboard, digital cameras, computer keyboards, screens, mobile phones, cars IT products, etc. This USB vacuum cleaner can be also used to clean makeup box/bag, purse. Two vacuum cleaning heads included, one brush attachment and one flexible rubber. More Details..

10. USB Digital Microscope

By connecting this portable microscope to your computer or smartphone, you may take screenshots and even make videos using the supplied software. Please be aware that only Windows users can use the measuring programme.

USB Microscope

Wide Range of Application: These USB microscopes can be useful tools for kids, students, engineers, inventors, collectors to magnify the micro things like coins, skin, PCB, hairs, etc. These handy digital microscopes support Windows, Android, iOS and Mac. More Details..

This is the top 10 USB Gadgets list for me, however I am pretty sure there other cool USG gadgets out there. Let me know if you are aware of any USB powered gadget which is unique and useful.


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